July 12, 2005: Today this site was awarded the "Sapta Ratna" (seven gems) Award for excellence. The letter states:

Your web site is really classy and ORIGINAL. The Planetary Gemologists Association gives awards in recognition of Web Excellence. Your coding is flawless. Your site is been awarded the PGA’s “Sri Sapta Ratna Award.” You are only the 2nd winner.

Richard Shaw-Brown

The award citation states:

Vedic Astrology Master Acharya & astro-computer pioneer, Sri Shyamsundara Dasa, has a web site with real class and completely original material, all penned by Shyamasundara himself. He has been practicing Jyotish longer than most Indian Jyotishis. With his expertise in coding he has created a masterpiece site, loaded with his own material. A complete understanding of Jyotish can be had from reading the information available here. Shyamasundara is only the 2nd winner of the hard to reach "Sri Sapta ratna Award." Congratulations!!!

To see the actual award citation click on the image (opens new window) :

sapta ratna