Corporate Astrology

I have a lot of experience in this field having advised many businessmen and entrepreneurs make multi-million dollar decisions. The basic needs of a businessman today can be summarized thusly:

  • Corporate and Executive screening. Getting the right people for the job in middle and senior management, legal counsel, expert advice in specialized fields, etc.

  • Making the right business partnerships.

  • Major capitol expenditures - land, buildings, infrastructure, etc.

  • New Ventures - which ones are good for you which ones to avoid.

  • When and where to start a new venture.

  • Strategic and tactical decision-making.

Perhaps the most important is getting the right people for the job. Whether you are a Fortune 500 company or just starting out quality people are your main asset. Getting such exceptional people on your team is not easy. After recruiting, screening, background checks and due diligence you still don't know if this person will actually be right for your organization. This is where we come in, with Vedic Astrology, to help you make the final cut among all the potential candidates and choose the right one. Using Vedic Astrological techniques we can determine:

  • Will this person get along with co-workers, subordinates and superiors?

  • Do they have the qualities that you need? (leader, responsible, trust worthy, good judgment, vision, etc.)

  • Will they benefit your company by increasing profit and market share?

  • Will they be able to do the job you hired them for?

  • Should you take them on board?

Carly Fiorina, former CEO of Hewlett-Packard, had many admirable qualities and a proven track record; but relying solely on conventional executive screening methods Hewlett-Packard made a unwise choice with her for CEO. They paid dearly for that mistake losing 32% on the value of their share price during her tenure.

Using Vedic Astrology I could have correctly informed the Hewlett-Packard Board of Directors that while Carly Fiorina had many sterling qualities she was the wrong choice for them. Instead, I could have helped them to pick someone who would have increased their share price not decrease it.

(In more recent times consider the disastrous choice of Nokia in 2011 to hire Stephen Elop as CEO. From the beginning of 2011 until 2013, Nokia fell from its position as the world's largest smartphone vendor to assume the status of tenth largest. Nokia's share price fell 85% during Stephen Elop's short two year tenure with Nokia. In the end Nokia, a company incorporated in 1871, saw it stock fall from a high of $40/share in late 2007 to less than $2 in 2012 and finally sold to Microsoft for $7.17 billion, a tiny fraction of its worth in 2007. They obviously didn't consult a good astrologer when they chose Mr. Elop.)

We recommend that you first go through standard methods of corporate screening, this will winnow out obvious undesirable candidates. Then as a final step use our Vedic Astrological services to pick out the best person for the job.

Similarly using various tools of Jyotish such as Natal Charts, Muhurta, Astrocartography and especially Prashna but reoriented with a corporate focus we can help you to consistently make the right decisions that will help you to succeed.

Because in Business Astrology each situation is uniquely complex with many more variables not found in the usual readings for an individual person we do not have a flat fee for these services, rather they will depend on various factors. If you are interested in getting the right person for that important position or any other strategic decision please fill out the Corporate Astrology form on the Services page and we can then have a preliminary discussion to determine the costs involved.

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