Chart Rectification

In cases where the seeker's time of birth is not sure or accurate then the chart must be rectified. To do this we ask the client to fill out a questionnaire about their life events and return it to us. Using the information provided we can determine when the person was born in order to experience those events. The cost will be determined by the degree of difficulty posed by the problem. Not knowing the hour of birth is less expensive than not knowing the day, month, or year of birth.

But before requesting a chart rectification you should consider the following:

  1. Let us assume that for a chart in question we have an accurate birth time. This doesn't mean that all predictions based on it will be correct. Astrology is extremely complicated and making mistakes is easy.

  2. The rectification of a chart is analogous to trying to get the indefinite integral of a function. In many cases it is impossible to analytically find F such that F'=f and hence there is resort to various approximation theorems.

  3. Rectifying a chart is extremely laborious and without any assurance that we will get the correct answer. The mind will become numb in trying to fit the curve to the known facts. And while it is relatively easy to do a post-mortem and say all the past facts fit the newly acquired time of birth (with some fudging) the real test then comes in making correct predictions based on that time; this then brings us back to 1 above.

I have done many rectifications in the past and prefer not to do them but rather do charts based on recorded times of birth as they are quite accurate. I once did the charts of a married couple both of whom the times needed to be rectified, the husband had no idea when he was born, the wife was off by 1-2 hours. In the reading based on the rectified times the wife was quite satisfied but the husband was not. From this and similar experience I am no longer inclined to do rectifications when there are so many accurate times available.

It is of course much easier to do rectification if I know the person really well over a long period of time, but to just see a list of life occurrences without knowing the person is mind numbing.

There is of course only a finite number of seconds in a day so theoretically it is possible but not at all easy. It is easier to do if the time range is small. And, I am very skeptical of those persons who claim to be able to do so, especially if they have no ability to predict. Some people will do anything for money.

So if you are comfortable with what I have said above and realize that even though we will try our best we cannot guarantee that we will get the correct time of birth then request to have your birth time rectified.

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