Jyotish Remedial Measures

This deals with strategies for dealing with problems that we face because of our bad karma. Vedic astrology is not only useful for telling us when we can expect rough times but also it can tell us how to neutralize them. By examining the horoscope the astrologer can find out which remedial measure is suitable for the situation at hand. In order to confirm that a recommended solution will actually work the astrologer uses traditional astrological techniques that guarantee the success of the method (if carried out properly).

Prioritize your problems and only ask for one remedial measure at a time.

The Jyotish prescriptions come in the form of:
  • observing certain vows

  • chanting of mantras

  • giving in charity

  • performing certain rituals

  • wearing of talismans, etc.

These days it has become popular to recommend some jewel as a remedial measure. While it is true that the Vedic scriptures do speak of the power of gems, they are not traditionally recommended as a remedial measure. Many jewels are very expensive costing thousands of dollars yet the astrologer who recommends it cannot guarantee that it will work. Our system is different, we examine the horoscope or the time the request was made, it may suggest certain remedial measures that will work, we then use astrological methods (called Daivahiham) to see if it will actually work. In this way we know before hand that the prescription we are giving will be successful if performed properly. Thus, whatever expense the client must bear will not be in vain. We only prescribe remedial measures, we do not sell them nor do we get any commissions from them as is the case of those dealing with gems or, more recently with some groups who are mass marketing "yajnas" as a business. In some cases, there is no expense involved for the client other than the investment of some time and energy.

Please note that we only recommend remedial measures that are congruent with Vaisnava siddhanta.

The following is a letter that I got from a client, a German real estate broker, on February 10th, 2000. This man was having very serious problems with the German equivalent of the IRS (Internal Revenue Service). He asked me to find some remedial measure to help remedy the situation. After studying his chart and doing the appropriate meditation and applying special Jyotish techniques (Daivahitam) I determined that in his case (it is not the same for everyone) he needed to have a particular Homa performed. A homa is a special fire sacrifice accompanied by the chanting of various mantras (also called a yajna) which is done to invoke divine protection. It could be described as a formalised prayer to the Lord. As I said I only make the prescription I do not perform the sacrifices, etc., nor do I make any commission. He asked me who could perform such a sacrifice. Performing such sacrifices is not a matter of business as has recently become fashionable in some circles. Therefore, the person(s) who perform it should not be mercenary minded. I said that he could get in contact with the chief priests at a certain temple in South India. I gave him the phone number and the priest he should contact. This family of priests have been in charge of taking care of the deity in that temple for over 500 years. They are very pure hearted. They are also very diligent and sincere in the performance of the yajnas what to speak of expert, they have all been trained up to do this since they were young boys of 10-11 years of age. My client had the homa performed, in his case it didn't take long for him to see the result (your milage may vary). This is what he wrote:

Dear Shyama,

Today in the night our yajnas were completed. (It takes 2-3 days to complete.) This morning when I went to our post-mailbox I saw a big letter from the IRS. I was really shocked went into the house and took a place before our altar praying to the Deities that they please protect me from the attacks of the IRS. I opened the letter and was surprised. They sent back our tax papers with the commentary that all is o.k. and that they will pay us 5000 US$ back. That was a great load off my mind because this was one my main problems since 1997. I think it is a very good omen regarding the powerful influence of the yajna.

You should have received an email from xyz about remedial measures for her. She is a girl-friend of my wife. I hope you are well.


For more client comments regarding remedial measures.


If a person faithfully performs the recommended atonement they should begin to feel relief from the pressure they are experiencing.

However, there is one thing that must be remembered and that is that I only recommend the remedial measure, I do not do them for you and have no control on the results. Remedial measures are of basically three types:

1) those done by the person themselves such as--fasting, reading sastra, or performing a vrata.

2) those performed by others on the person's behalf because it requires expertise such as -- performance of special yajnas.

3) a combination of 2 and 3.

If one of the parties is not sincere or makes mistakes or is not faithful in the performance, then the desired effect will be diminished or not occur at all.

Suppose a person is sick and they go to a doctor who tells them to abstain from certain foods, get more rest, and take a certain medicine 3 times daily with milk. If they follow his prescription religiously they will get the benefit after some time but if they only take the medicine every 2nd day and do not follow the diet carefully, etc. In other words if they do not follow the directions carefully they cannot expect to get the result. Then if the result is not manifesting who is to blame? How then can a doctor guarantee the result if so many things are out of his control?

In the same way I have no control of what people do after they come to me. I have tried my best to find a solution for their problem, but now the rest is up to them. 

It should also be remembered that you cannot bribe God. He doesn't need our paltry offerings and prayers. But if done in a humble mood of love and devotion He may accept them. So the mood in which your remedial measures are performed are all important.

Please note:

In very rare cases no remedies can be found.

I have mentioned several times above I only make a prescription hence you will only get a prescription for a remedial measure. No charts, readings or anything else; just a prescription.

Usually one should only resort to remedial measures after trying more conventional means. Exceptions would be the case of serious legal or medical cases were you do not have the time or money to try all the possible alternatives.

If a homa is required that is an extra expense to be discussed between you and the priest doing it for you. I am not involved.

I want to get a Remedial Measures prescription.

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More client comments regarding Remedial measures.

Please note English is not his first language.

Dear Shyamsundara,

After long time Prabhu, I have to write you a letter. I don’t know if You remember me ( You prescribed me ...)

After practicing those remedies as much I was able to, now I see very strong results which I feel by Lords mercy. Huge change occurred inside and outside me. I fell like I lost big burden from my chest, and I can function without fear. I am immeasurably thankful for Your mercy, and time to find solution for me. From my heart I wish to encourage You that your mission of helping people change their life is working, if I may say so bringing awareness of God in their lives.

It is hard to explain how I fell, I realized something that I strive for almost 2 years, I change so much that I finally started to see God's beauty and love, and mercy all around us, tears come to my eyes when I write this...

I don’t wont to take much more of your time, I just wonted to share my experience

Receive my humble obeisance Prabhu,
Your servant, Josip

Here is a letter from Canada regarding a marriage
in danger of ending in the divorce courts:

From: Rishi D [mailto:rishi_2002ca@xyz.ca]
Sent: Tuesday, December 12, 2006 1:51 AM
To: Shyamasundara Dasa
Subject: RE: help

Sure, here is my account of my experience:

My wife and I have been married for almost 2 years and after the first 3 months, things have been horrible.

My wife did not get along with my parents or siblings at all, and, if anything, would work to create problems with them! She would constantly create issues with them, swear at them, and behave completely like a spoiled teenager!!

Fortunately, I had consulted Shyamasundara Dasa, and through his recommended prayers, we have all finally found peace! It took about a month after the prayers were completed for things to improve, but now my wife gets along with everyone in my family once more. She has even apologized to everyone in my family for her behaviour! Now she is busy buying presents for everyone to show them that she truly means them no harm. Also, she wants my parents to move in with us now, and also wishes to help my sister pay for her wedding! This is in stark contrast to the behaviour of my wife before the prayers!

Thank-you for all your help Shyamasundara Dasa -- you were definitely worth the consultation!

Rishi D

The following letter from Czech Republic is from a young man who suffered from crippling headaches.

From: Yadukulesvara dasa [mailto:yadu.kks@xyz.com]
Sent: Friday, February 09, 2007 12:58 AM
To: jusaniya@vaisnavascare.com
Subject: vaisnavascare.com

Dear Vaisnavis, who make this site for helping Vaisnavas,please accept my humble obeisances.

I just want to mention a nice opportunity how to help devotees in distress searching for a cure.

For several years I suffered from almost suicidal pains in my head and tried different doctors and therapies, ate many chemical pills but nothing helped. Then I tried to search for the cause through astrology and I found the website of Shyamasundara Prabhu, disciple of Srila Prabhupada (www.shyamasudaradasa.com). One of his services is finding remedies and he recommended me several things with the end result that those pains are gone. It worked.

I think other devotees should also learn about this alternative. Wishing you all success in devotional service,

Your servant,

Bhakta Martin, Czech Republic

This text didn't post to Vaisnava Care but instead was posted to Dandavats.com at the following URL http://www.dandavats.com/?p=2863

After seeing this text I inquired if Bhakta Martin was indeed cured and received this reply from the person he does email through:

"After long time in diseased condition his body is still weak, but he says that the disease is practically gone and he doesn't need to take any chemical medicine. He has performed two homas. Actually after some time he stopped chanting those [prescribed] mantras, but after reading your story [quoted above] about an Indian man living in Canada - his wife did not get along with his parents, Martin started to continue."

This last comment is very interesting and important. It shows that the remedies work if followed with faith otherwise not or only partial result. It also suggests that a repeat of the remedy can speed up results.

The following person had suffered
from epilepsy for 30 years.

Feb 25, 2017
Dear Shyamasundara Prabhu,

I am feeling wonderful at present. Life has significantly changed for better after doing the remedial measures suggested by you. Within first week my drug dose for epilepsy reduced to almost half. Now, in the fourth week I have started to reduce the doses further and I still feel better. Before doing the remedial measure even a small miss in dose would trigger an epilepsy attack. I was taking a dose of 1000 mg of Levipil and 200 mg of Epilex Chrono each day. Now I am trying on 500 mg a day and still feel comfortable . Earlier when i used to miss medicines the attack would come once in a month. As I got used to the medicine even leaving the medicine or taking smaller dose for a single day would trigger at attack. I used to carry the medicine always with me. As soon as I sense an attack I would take couple of pills. This would control the attack. I have been living like this for last six years. But, now I am confidant and hardly carry medicines with me. Further the state of my mind is significantly better now. This has helped me in both my material as well as spiritual progress. I would continue to do the remedial measures suggested by you.

My sincere thanks to you for helping me get rid of epilepsy (I was struggling with this for last 30 years). There are no words with me to express my gratitude.

Pune, India


July 6, 2019
Dear Shyamsundara Prabhu,

In Jan 2017 I approached you for remedial measures to cure my epilepsy (suffering from 30 years). I was totally dependent on medicines when I approached you. I got immediate relief when I did the first Homam (on 26th Jan 2017) as prescribed by you. Within a week my medicine dose was reduced to more than half. Now it has been about two and half years that I am following your prescription. In June 2019 I visited a reputed Hospital in Netherlands to understand the status of my Epilepsy. Based on the EEG report and diagnosis the reputed Neurologist from the hospital has confirmed that pathologically I am free from epilepsy and should stop my medicines. So, NOW I AM FREE FROM EPILEPSY. I am very thankful for your accurate prescription. I am also thankful to Sriman Muralidhar Bhattar Prabhu for doing the Homam on my behalf. After every Homam my condition improved significantly. It is by grace of Krsna that I was able to get in touch with you and Muralidhar Prabhu.

In your service,

A Stroke Victim Recovers

I would like to thank Shyamasundara for the wise astrological and spiritual counsel he gave me at an important juncture of my life. Consequent on a sudden stroke in early 2022, my ability to speak was severely marred and my health generally was not good. I was feeling very unwell and mentally depressed, when he advised me, on the basis of my birth chart, to arrange a series of homas to be performed, in India. Almost immediately after these began, my power of speech began to return, and now, a year later, my speech is almost normal. and my health has improved greatly. I have also returned to my work, which involves verbal communication. I have also met an excellent Ayurvedic doctor and have begun a course of Ayurvedic treatment. This I consider to be part of the general health giving current in my life, engendered by the homas. Shyamasundara’s counsel has proved of inestimable value and I thank him profoundly. Hare Krishna.

David Elkes Bergin
Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire