Jyotish Predictions

I don't get much time for doing Mundane Astrology these days. Hopefully when I am finished my major project I will get more time for doing such things. I could have included some other predictions that I made that came out successfully such as the one about Y2K (remember that?) and my prediction that the Russians would not get involved in Kosovo (1999) but since they are already past history there is not much use going there except for academic interest. Regarding history, if history has taught us anything it is that no one learns anything from history. And then there is the Cynic's definition of history: "one damned thing after another." Now to the subject at hand. 

Future of the USA, September 14, 2001
So far this has come out to be pretty accurate especially since some astrologers (?) were predicting imminent nuclear strikes on NYC, Washington, LA etc.

From the Sky Will Come a Great King of Terror, September 22, 2001
This is a letter to a senior sannyasi (renunciate monk) regarding alleged predictions made by Nostradamus that are currently being circulated after the terrorist attack on the World Trade center.

Will There be War Between India and Pakistan? May 24, 2002
Lot of concern whether the present India-Pakistan showdown will lead to WWIII and major nuclear holocaust.

Who will win the 2004 US Presidential Elections? October 27, 2004. This is where astrologers get to see how well they do with a public predictions. I admit that I haven't done Mundane (of World events) astrology in a while because of so many diversions. So it is good to make a few and keep in shape.