Jyotish Services Descriptions

Below is a brief description of some of our services, by clicking on the related links you will see a more in-depth description of the service as well as how to avail yourself of that particular Jyotish technique.

Natal Chart or Birth Chart is also known as Janma Kundali in India. There are different types of birth chart readings like - psychological - spiritual growth readings useful for religious people, people who meditate, are initiated into a spiritual order or are otherwise on a spiritual journey; and secondly future predictions with time line that are just predictive in nature for those who just want “the facts.” There is also the third possibility of a combination of a spiritual growth and future prediction reading that is the best of all. Click to read more.

Update Readings: after having a Birth Chart done you may want to take a closer look at future time lines. For this purpose we provide various Yearly chart readings (this is sometimes called Varshaphal in India). We also do special readings for upcoming or current Mahadasha (planetary periods) or Bhukti (planetary sub periods). Click to read more.

Prashna is one of the most useful tools in the Vedic astrologer’s arsenal, known as Horary astrology in the West. This system is not dependent on the time of birth and is very useful for making strategic and tactical decisions. Click to read more.

Matchmaking: A Vedic astrologer can help you in your quest to find a soul mate via an ancient system of Matchmaking using a chart compatibility study of the Natal horoscope’s of the boy and girl so as to maximize marriage compatibility. This is called Synastry in English and Jataka Vicara or Kundali Milan in India. It has stood the test of time. Click to read more.

Corporate Astrology: In this world you need an edge to stay ahead of the competition. Vedic astrology can help you choose the right employees and high level managers with astrological executive screening. Select the right business partners, legal counsel, sound business investments, vendors and suppliers. What ventures should you endeavor in and when to start new ventures, where to start a business and what to name your new business so that it is prosperous. Vedic astrology is an invaluable guide in all your strategic decisions. Click to read more.

Vedic AstroCartoGraphy: Also called relocation or locational astrology is a method by which your natal chart is plotted onto a map of the world. By analyzing your chart in reference to AstroCartoGraphy we can determine where in the world is most favorable for you to pursue your dreams and inner most calling, spiritual growth, love, career, creativity, abundance, health…and what places you should avoid. Click to read more.

Jyotish Remedial Measures: Vedic astrology not only helps in spotting problem areas of life but can also provide effective methods for atoning for past life activities that gave us bad karma in this life. Remedial solutions include, but are not limited to prayers, yajna and homas, following vratas (vows), giving charity, and reading of sastras. We can provide a remedial measure prescription for you. Click to read more.

Muhurta: sometimes called Muhurat is the Vedic equivalent of Western Electional astrology. It is the inverse of a natal chart in that from the birth chart we see the future of the person or event, but with a Muhurta we choose an auspicious time for an important life event (marriage, starting a business, etc.) so that it has a beneficial outcome. Click to read more.

Garbhadhana Samskara: is a special application of Muhurta for the purpose of conceiving children. In the modern age a wit has quipped that people are more concerned with the pedigrees of the dogs, cats and horses than their own children. It is not surprising then that today many so called humans are actually dvipada pasu - two legged animals. But in Vedic culture there was a scientific method for conceiving virtuous, empowered and spiritually enlightened children. Click to read more.

Chart Rectification: Sometimes a person is not sure of their time of birth. Without an accurate time of birth it is impossible to do your Birth Chart. Chart Rectification is the art and science by which we are able to find out when you were born based on past events in your life. Click to read more.

Longevity Calculation: Also known as Ayurdaya focuses on one thing and one thing only: “how long will you live?” Click to read more.

Astrological Name: In Vedic culture the sound vibration associated with a name is important and it is recognized that it can bring good or bad fortune. This applies to individuals and corporations. Click to read more.

Gem Prescription: The Vedic worldview recognizes that jewels have powers and are related to each planet. And, that according to your Birth Chart (Kundali) configuration a gem may be compatible with you and be a positive addition to your life style. Click to read more.