Chapter 5
Transcription of Chart
Made by Ashutosh Ojha
on October 6th, 1995

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The late Pandit Asutosha Ojha passed away sometime around June, 2009. I had contacted him in 1995 regarding this controversy since he was the astrologer who had done the chart that Srila Prabhupada had approved of. I informed him what the situation was and I asked him to do a general reading of Srila Prabhupada’s chart. He originally was going to write it all down and started to do so but then decided it would easier to just dictate his reading. I transcribed his recording which you will find below. I am also including a scan of his original hand written letter as a PDF. I have also converted Ojha’s original reading from cassette to MP3 so that you can listen to what he said as you read the transcript. (Right click to download the pdf and mp3).

It should be said that Asutosha Ojha was a very learned and gifted astrologer being the 6th generation of astrologers who originally were the raja-gurus of Jaipur and Alwar. He and his father Gopesh Kumar Ojha wrote many books in Hindi and also some in English; I have a few of them in my recommended reading list. More about Ojha can be found in the interview I did of him. And now to his general reading of Srila Prabhupada’s chart.

He prefaced his letter by saying:

“In Western society as also in some places in India, in order to prove themselves correct some novices [in astrology] go too deeply into rectifying charts. They do not understand how to do it but if their predictions do not occur they change the chart so much as even by an hour or more. ‘A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.’ Prabhupada definitely had Makara Lagna.”

Then the rest is the same as the recording he made which I have transcribed. Please note that since Hindi is his mother tongue he drops many of the final vowels of Sanskrit words as is the convention in Hindi. Thus Arjuna become Arjun in Hindi. We prefer Sankrit but have kept his pronunciations.

Transcript Begins

I am Ashutosh Ojha, a brahmin by caste, astrologer. In 1976...77, Prabhupada, who started the International Society for Krishna Consciousness, where he had the idea to build hundreds of temples around the world where people can go and worship. Like, people know there are two ways to worship, but the bhakti-marg always will take some concrete form to visualize the Supreme Power, and Krishna is the one. The other school worship God in the nirakar, like which has no form or manifestation. To them its just like ether and cannot be seen or cannot be given any concrete shape.

But coming back to when Prabhupada was old, I had the good fortune that someone referred them to come to our place to get a horoscope done. Actually, there was a very old devotee, and I think his name was Pradyum-- or maybe I am a little bit mistaken... because, quite some time-- who used to come to meet my father, Pandit Gopesh Kumar Ojha, and he [my father] has translated many books. And my father was a scholar of Sanskrit, and a learned person, and he was the person who referred the... the chart of Prabhupada [to me], when he was not so well it should be done. My father has had bad health and was suffering from a paralytic stroke. Secondly, he was not a professional astrologer, and he passed on that I do the horoscope for Prabhupada. And he was the one who made an appointment that I should do the horoscope. The time which was given to me, and the two devotees who were there gave me as September 1, 1896, and the time of birth was 4 o’clock, Calcutta (Kolkata). In Calcutta at that time, local mean time was observed. And Prabhupada gave this time himself. That was conveyed to me then. Prabhupada knew his time of birth, as Prabhupada’s guru was a great astrologer too. Prabhupada had some interest in astrology as he was a learned person, and Jyotiṣa or astrology is a part of the Vedas. Those who study Vedas have to study Jyotiṣa. Jyotiṣa is the eyes of the Vedas.

And so there was, there will be no doubt that the time of birth has any error or anything. When we made a horoscope of Prabhupada, we get Makara Lagna. And it is a good Lagna, because people born with Makara Lagna and with lord of the first house, which is Sani in this horoscope, is exalted, powerful, in the tenth house. The other planetary position that Prabhupada had, that he has Budha (which is Budh) and Sukra in the ninth house, Moon and Kuja in the fifth house; Jupiter, Sun, and Ketu in the eighth house; and Rahu is in the second house in Aquarius. In his horoscope the Mahadasa of Kuja ends in 1901, 3rd March.

And I remember that the first two devotees who were there was Abhiram and Yashodanand [Yashodanandana]. And they, all his devotees of Prabhupada have been so devoted to him, that it is always a joy to meet any one of them. When they come, they will bring the aura of Prabhupada with them wherever they will come, and go. And it was evening of Wednesday-- I do not exactly remember the date-- but I had just come after my prayers to Lord Ganesh, and I met the devotees. I cast their [i.e. Prabhupada's] horoscope, and I talked about the health of Prabhupada, because he had the Ketu period-- Ketu is in the eighth house-- and I thought that the coming period will not be so good for him. The eighth house has to do with urinary problems, prostrate glands. Secondly, because Prabhupada has Jupiter and Ketu in the eighth house-- the eighth house has to do with the place where you die-- I was sure that he will not be in a foreign country, and it will be in a spiritual place. And that’s what happened: Prabhupada in his old age, last days, was in Vrndavana-- the center, the heart of all universe.

Makara Lagna

Coming back to the horoscope, the Makara Lagna commenced at 3:28, 3:29 PM on first of September 1896, and by 4 o’clock was quite advanced. Prabhupada definitely had Makara Lagna, like we have just said. Let me also point out some description of the type of people who are Makara Lagna. They have a mannerism to tilt their head to one side, sometimes to the left. And they have musical talent, sometimes of dancing or music. They have certain restrictions in their nature, which are related to their 11th and 12th year, when some type of calamity or things happen in their families, giving them a feeling of insecurities, and then in turn they become more ambitious.

Early part of life of the Makara Lagna people is not so good. Then look into the horoscope: Moon is a karak [significator] for mother, and Moon is afflicted by the association of Kuja, although with Kuja it gives strength of character and lot of courage, but is not good for the mother. And in this horoscope, the fourth house is afflicted by Sani, direct aspect. The fourth house from Candra also has Ketu and Sun, and is also aspected by Kuja. The fourth house from Surya is afflicted by Kuja itself. So the fourth house which has to do with the mother, when afflicted from all angles, doesn’t give long life to mother. And that’s what I believe, that in early life Prabhupada lost his mother.

The Placement of Sani

Then let’s look to the exalted Sani. Sani, whenever exalted, shows more effect in later years of life, particularly after 67 year of age. Many people who have done or brought spiritualism to the world have had their Sani in the ninth house or tenth house. In the case of Ananda Mayi Ma, she had Aquarius Lagna, and Sani was exalted in the ninth house. Swami Vivekanand had Sani in the tenth house. Karapatraji Maharaja, who refused the seat of Sankaracarya [of Puri], he was a learned scholar, and wanted to bring the days of Lord Rama to India, had Sani in the ninth house. And many people had powerful Sani when they excel in spiritualism, and chalk out and make many followers in the spiritual life.

I would like here to give some opinions of learned astrologer, ancient people, to make it look more authentic, because compared to their knowledge, my knowledge is nothing:

Sani powerful according to Achar [?] and Gunakara-- they were well known astrologers: the native is happy and brave.

Kalyavarma writes that, “Sani in the tenth house makes a person buddhiman-- means intelligent and wise, courageous. He is a commander-in-chief or a minister.” Minister means in politics. He is the head of a city, village or society.

Parashar has written that Sani in this position makes a person happy, rich, victorious, and if Sani is in Pisces or powerful, is a yo... is a yoga for sannyasa, ascetic life. Sani being exalted will be taken as powerful in this horoscope.

Vasishta says that Sani in the tenth house doesn’t give happiness from sons and children. And when we think of the sons, we should also understand that it also means disciples, because fifth house has to do with children as well as the disciples. And in the case of Prabhupada, many of his disciples who afterwards became gurus brought a bad name to the International Society. We do not say that all of them were bad... but they got into the maya, and their downfall came.

Vaidyanath has also indicated that Sani in the tenth house makes a person brave, courageous, head of the family, ruler, and also brings sannyas-yoga. Prabhupada was a sannyasi, and he was a leader.

Brihat-Yavan-Jatak is a treatise written by the Yavan. In the old times jyotiṣa went to Arabia, and Arabic kings, some of them were very much interested; they got it translated. And Yavan Acarya was a well-known astrologer from the Middle East. He was the one who chalked out the system of Varshapravesh [solar return chart]. In his books he writes that Sani in the tenth house makes a person minister to a king, diplomat, kind, he is head of people and villages, intelligent, and wealthy.

Aryagrantak Granth [?] writes that Sani makes a person work for other people, makes one travel and live in foreign countries, is not afraid of anyone.

Kashinath is the one who has given a different view and says that the person is poor. In a manner it was correct. Prabhupada never earned any money for himself. He was just doing it to make temples, and he had hard-working disciples who helped him, getting so many nice temples constructed around the world.

Jayadev has written that Sani in the tenth house makes a person head, rich and kind.

Jagadishvar, he writes that this position of Sani is not good for mother. She is averse. And a person doesn’t get happiness in the body, does not get good friends.

Narayan Bhatt: “In childhood he doesn’t get happiness from father-mother. But as he grows older he gets better happiness in life. He is victorious in war. He loses his inherited property.”

Mantreshvar, who has written the famous treatise of Phaladipika, was born 600 years ago, and he says that Sani in the tenth house makes a person a king, or a minister to a king, rich, courageous, and he takes interest in agriculture.

Harivamsh has written that if Sani is exalted or in own sign, the person is intelligent, wise, rich, head of villages, and is honored by kings.

Gopal Bhatta writes that it's not a good position for father-mother, particularly for mother. He bathes in the Ganga-- that means he’s religious.

In the Bhrgu-sutra, Sani when powerful brings more luck after 36 years of age. He gets honor, many friends.

If you will see that almost everyone of them has written that the position of Sani in the tenth house is very powerful, and it’s not so good for mother. In fact, Sani in this powerful position and exalted takes away the material things of life, so that one is drawn more and more towards God. Just like in Bhagavad-gita the Lord says, “When I love you, I take everything away from you so that you are more close to Me.” [Krsna does say that, but not in the Gita.] And that’s what Sani does.

In the Western astrology also, they said that if Sani is in Libra, like Tula which in this case is, then it is good for fortunes. He works very hard for long time. He’s ambitious by nature, can foresee the future, and his wealth is in the mind. Without the efforts of other people and due to his own abilities, he rises in life. Powerful Sani in the tenth house makes a person good in legal matters.

We must also take into account that in this horoscope Sani is exalted. Katve [?] in his book has written that if Sani is in Libra-- Katve was a Maharastrian astrologer, has written many books-- if Sani is in the tenth house in Libra like in this case, the native will be a sannyasi, and he spreads religion, is a preacher of religion, is a writer. He knows deep sciences, is an astrologer, is the head of the council. And this is what Prabhupada was. He was a preacher, he wanted to spread Krishna consciousness throughout the world, and he did it. Katve also writes that... that he gets more respect out of his house than in the house. They are good mediator between people. They are teachers of Vedanta. They get fame, honor, and wealth. They travel to foreign countries. They think that they are born to do some special work in life, and at the time of death they feel satisfied. From the point of view of father-mother, this is not a good position for Sani. Mother dies early or she suffers from constant and chronic health problem.

We have done this in the case to make it look that Prabhupada had a good Sani in the tenth house. People in Sani powerful in the tenth house are very ambitious. In the horoscope for Hitler, he had Sani in the tenth house too. [Of course, this is where the resemblance ends.]

Effect of Jupiter

Now we go to other planets in the horoscope-- Jupiter and Ketu in the eighth house. He has moksh, like freedom from life and death. Jupiter and Ketu together also indicated old age in a holy place. Ketu in the eighth house gives sometimes urinary problem, or a person has to cut short his visit and come back [both of these happened when Srila Prabhupada's Ketu mahadasa was running]. We will... we have also noticed that when Guru, which is Jupiter, is in the eighth house [then, indistinct], a person likes mysticism, philosophy and jyotish.

Gargamuni has said that if Jupiter is own sign or in a benefic sign, then a person attains knowledge, and he dies in a tirtha-sthan, in a holy place. In old age, he has physical ailment.

Narayan Bhatt writes that Jupiter in the eighth house gives chronic health problem. After death, they attain moksh.

Yavan Acarya has indicated that the person with Jupiter in this position, eighth house, will suffer from disease in 31st year.

Aryagranthakar has written that Jupiter in the eighth house makes a person fond of taking holy trips, doesn’t get happiness from wife, and all the time he is busy in practicing yoga.

Gopal Ratnakar has indicated that Jupiter causes urinary problem or piles. He is a good teacher.

In the Western astrology, Jupiter gives long life. Death comes in a peaceful state; they die being satisfied that they have attained their purpose. Jupiter also gives money from inheritance.

Atyak [?], a person who has written jyotiṣa book in an anonymous manner, writes that [when] Jupiter is powerful, it makes a person do holy deeds in life-- is a strong learner and knows the Vedas. Jupiter in the eighth house can cause problem from women, or on account of wife.

Effect of Rahu and Ketu

Now we will take the effect of Rahu. First of all, we want to say that Rahu and Ketu show the effect of the planet they conjoin with, or if there is no planet, then they show the effect of the lord of the house, and according to the strength of the owner of the house.

Rahu and Ketu show the effect of the planet they conjoin with, or if there is no planet, then they show the effect of the lord of the house, and according to the strength of the owner of the house.

Ketu here will show the effect of Jupiter and Surya. Surya is powerful in this position, and it is a good planet.

Vaidyanath writes that Ketu in the eighth house with benefics or if aspected by benefics, makes a person rich and long-lived.

Yavan Acarya writes: Ketu in the eighth house causes piles, or urinary problems-- prostate glands.

Yogeshvar writes that Ketu in the eighth house causes urinary problems or disease of the semen, sometimes problems in teeth and mouth, is courageous, and successful in life. However he says it can cause skin or hair problem.

Gholab [also spells name] indicates that he is very successful and well-known.

Gopal Ratnakar indicates problem in the fiftieth year.

Most people have... know that Ketu always gives the effect of the people [i.e. planets] that conjoined it.

Now going back to Rahu-- is in the second house, and is a planet of foreign countries; it plucks money from foreigners, foreign countries. Second house is the house of wealth, and sometimes it also gives a family away from the birth place. Prabhupada had so many people who were born in the foreign countries, and most of his disciples were people from Europe, America, Middle East, Australia. And that's what Rahu does.

Effect of Candra

He has Moon and Mars in the fifth house. Fifth house has to do with teaching, learning, knowledge, children. Kuja in the fifth is not good for children. They’re independent, difficult to be controlled. I do not know much about his children, but I do know that his disciples were independent and difficult to be controlled. I had had the good fortune to live for some time with Hamsaduta. I also knew some of the... his disciples who afterwards became guru. And they were great people; they were gifted. They had the abilities to impress and go forward to teach. But when they become independent, they needed guidance; they didn’t get it.

[?] writes that Moon in the fifth house, powerful, gives intellectual abilities, fond of music, art, diplomacy, patient.

Brihat Jatak has mentioned that Moon in the fifth house can cause problem in the sixth year. Moon in the fifth house can give fluctuations in the mind of children. However, Moon is with Kuja; as such a lot of courage is there, and in the Western system when Kuja and Moon conjoin, it makes a person courageous and [gives] ability to take initiatives in life. Moon is exalted in sign of Taurus.

Sukra and Budha

We now take into account Sukra and Budha. Both of them are in the ninth house. Sukra is debilitated, but with Budha and Sukra is a combination of lord of the ninth and tenth, and is Nich-bhanga Raj-Yoga. And Raj-Yoga of the ninth, tenth: and whatever work a person undertakes with this combination, he will rise to the top position-- and Prabhupada undertook to spread the name of Lord Krsna, and he was successful. And mind is colored with beautiful ideas; good for languages. Ninth house Budha and Sukra also makes a person fond of music and poetry. And it is a joy to listen to the kirtan of Prabhupada. Sukra is a planet of women, artistic people, and in the ninth house better luck comes due to their association.

Sukra in the ninth house, according to Vasisht, makes a person dress well; is good for wealth, science, education,according to Vaidyanath. According to Kalyavan Varma, Sukra in the ninth house endows one with good fortunes and he is... has great respect for gods, guru, and guests. Sukra is generally very good in the ninth house. All planets are very good in the ninth house, and with exalted Budha in the ninth house, good effects will always come. Sometimes Sukra in the ninth house can mean marriage in a foreign country also.

Sukra in the ninth house, according to Katve, is almost round-face, sometimes sudden anger, proud-- pride. They have their own independent mind; lose their inherited wealth in early part of life. Financial problems always are there.

Because of the Budha which rules the mind, and Sukra perfection, the mind is colored with a different idea. A person tries to get perfection in life. Sukra is yoga-karak in this horoscope, lord of the fifth and tenth, and is an indication of success in life, and particularly when they conjoin with lord of the ninth also.

Effect of the Sun

Now we go to Surya in the eighth house. We are taking up planet-wise because want to give what wise people have written about the position. Brihat Jatak writes that Surya in the eighth house can cause serious health problems to wife in the 34th year. Yavan Acarya has indicated that Surya makes a person go in foreign countries, is unhappy, travels a lot. Sometimes Surya in the eighth house gives chronic health problem.

Sun, we should also notice, is in Leo, and it makes a person proud, with a desire to help other people. And lord of the eighth in the eighth house generally gives long life. When Prabhupada died, he was 80 year old-- 80, 81 year of age, and in the Indian system that is considered long life.

Exalted Budha Revisited

We now take to exalted Budha. All people knowing astrology knows that the Lord of the ninth house is exalted and powerful, and well-placed. It is an indication of good fortunes and good luck. And Budha is in this position, lord of the ninth in the ninth house.

Mantreshvar in his Phaladipika has indicated that Budha in the ninth makes a person educated, rich, follower of religious activities, and very good in speech-- expert and very good in speech. Gopal Ratnakar has mentioned that he is... he loves music, dancing, singing. Brihat Jatak has mentioned that happiness does not come from mother. Yavan Acarya has indicated that the person is pure, sattvik, endowed with satya-guna, dharm-premi-- lover of religion, rich, does good deeds in life and donates money.

In the Western system, when Mercury is in this position and associated with benefic planets, then a person knows languages, arts and chemistry. Everyone, most of the people have mentioned good position for Mercury in the ninth house.

Gargamuni says that if Budha’s powerful, then person is fortunate and religious. Vasisht has indicated religious attitude [aptitude?] and also indicates health problems-- chronic health problem. Kalyanvarma has indicated very wealthy, learned, sattvik, expert in speaking, and spiritual by attitude. Vaidyanath also mentioned the person is religious, wealthy, and very pure. Narayan Bhatt is the one who mentioned that he is more powerful than kings, and destroys bad people. Prabhupada did bring people who were not engaged in good activities and purified them, and brought them more toward spiritual life. According to Narayan Bhatt the person is religious, intelligent, he takes diksa (that means he is a sannyasi). He bathes in Ganga, Ganges, and he brings good fortunes to his family and forefathers.

Kashinath has mentioned that Budha in this position makes a person religious. He makes gardens, wells, places for other people. He speaks the truth. He has controlled all his senses. He has respect on his father. Yogeshvar mentions religious, intelligence, expert in yoga. He knows Vedas and the Smriti, and follows them. He's rich, speaker, and travels to holy places.

Most planets have... people have given good effect of this. But the effect of planets are not judged separately; also with Budha and Sukra in this horoscope. Raj yoga: success, fortune; exalted Sani: very powerful, causes one of the Panca Mahapurush yoga known as Shash yoga, and brings good fortunes to a person, and he is famous in life. Moon-Kuja: gives courage. Sun-Jupiter: the person does good deeds in life, and he is long remembered. Overall speaking, I am very sure (and I come from a family of six generations astrologer) that this is the horoscope of Prabhupada.


I am very proud I was one who was able to make it. I was consulted by Prabhupada twice. The second time we met with Hari-sauri, Gurukripa (they were there), and I made his horoscope twice. Initially when I made the horoscope and when I indicated that the days are not good for it, some of his disciples were very unhappy with me.

I always had a desire in my life to meet with powerful people who will be my guru, but when I had the opportunity to meet Prabhupada, I avoided it. Krsna didn’t want me to see him in person. But I did benefit through association with his disciples, and disciples, like children, are the people who carry forward the work of their guru. And even if one son, or one disciple, brings light and expands the world, the purpose of the guru is served.

From my side, I have given whatever I have learned from different books and interpretation of the horoscope. And Makara Lagna people do not get physical comforts; they do not get enjoyments of life. They work very hard to attain their purpose, and they do not allow anything to come between their desire. And Prabhupada’s desire was to bring the name of the Lord in the Western world, and make people worship Him through the bhakti-marg. Sukra is the planet in the ninth house which draws towards bhakti-marg. And exalted Sani is always good in the horoscope. There is no bad planet in the chart. And ah... but some effect of Kuja or some effect of Sani always will happen. Sani has reduced happiness from the side of the mother; Kuja has reduced happiness from the side of the children, and also like satisfaction is reduced from the side of the family, and disciples. But when they undertake and improve his work, keep themselves coming from maya, he will be satisfied. The horoscope always lives-- never dies-- as [it] is just like the soul.

I would like to add that I was very happy when Shyamasundara called... wrote me a letter that if I could write something about Prabhupada’s horoscope and the authenticity of the time [of birth]-- I was very happy. When I saw the horoscope, I knew that the Sani in gochar [transit] was going to go in the eighth house. When the lord of the first goes in the eighth, then in old age it can cause death. And when it goes on Jupiter, definitely it does that. And that’s what happened in 1977.

I have not much to add, and I am honored and I am thankful to God that although my ego did not allow me to go to Vrndavana to have darshan of Prabhupada, but I was able to do his horoscope, and in this way I meet his followers, his disciples. And this is my sincere wish that all of us carry forward the work that Prabhupada has started. Thankyou. ... I also want to add that when I am doing the horoscope of Prabhupada, I can feel his presence. My heart is full.

Asutosha Ojha.

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