Chapter 4
Texts of Charts and Related Material From The Last Months of Prabhupada's Lila

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4.0 Abstract

4.1 Sri Daivagna

4.2 Ojah #1

4.3 Abhirama Prabhu’s Reports

4.4 Arkasomayaji

4.5 Ojha #2

4.6 Horoscope by an Unknown Astrologer

4.7 Medical Observations

Abstract: This chapter discusses all of the horoscopes that were made for Srila Prabhupada from March 1977 to Oct 1977 in chronological order along with all related correspondence. Xerox copies of originals are available from the BBT Archives. I have also provided scanned copies of the pages.

Original provenance, Tamala Krsna Gosvami, who was Srila Prabhupada's secretary at the time.

On this page I am only transcribing the astrologer’s comments, but not their calculations. Those details can be seen by direct inspection of the chart images.

4.1 Sri Daivagna

Comments: This chart appears to have been prepared at the request of Patita Pavana Prabhu and was completed on March 18, 1977, by the Bengali astrologer Sri Daivagna (sic). No birth time is given. He seems to have wildly speculated and got Vṛścika Lagna (Scorpio, Brischik in Bengali, they often exchange “v” with “b” and vice versa) because that Lagna was prevalent from 11:08 to 13:23, which is much earlier than the birth time of 16:00 provided by Srila Prabhupada. He also has Venus placed in the wrong sign. Instead of Venus being in 1°45' Virgo he puts Venus at 29°24' Leo. And, he also has Budha off by about 2°. He predicts that Srila Prabhupada would be fully cured by May 1977, and live until age 91, but Srila Prabhupada left on November 14, 1977 in his 82nd year. And, finally he prescribes a Blue sapphire (Indranila) of a specific weight. We note that his chambers are in a jewelry shop (M.P Jewelers [sic] & Co.) suggesting that he charges little or does readings for free. He gets his money from commissions on gems he recommends. In my experience such astrologers are highly suspect. It is very hard to read the Xerox copy because of the large logo in the center of the page. Below is an attempted transcription of the main points. Click to view the scanned images of the pages. Page 1, Page 2 or download as a PDF.

Most remarkable combination in His birth chart of His Holiness Sri Sri Prabhupada are: the exalted Moon with Mars on the 7th Kendra; Prabhupada has the same Rashi as Lord Krishna. His great intention to establish Krsna cult in and around the world, where the modern........ develops immensely, only to heal the worlds of flesh, looking into the words of mind of the people can he will compared with the great Mahabharata where Krsna applied the theory of Geeta “A divine Song” of life. Arjuna a confused personality in the battle field.

Prabhupada’s mission will be fully successful after the age of 80 years 8 months 3 days of his life as after 4th May 1977. His glory will be hold in high esteem with in next three years 6 months time by 1st September 1980. He will be fully cured from the present ailments before May 77 and will survive up to 91 years of age.

Indranila [blue sapphire] 6 to 6.5 rattis only. [≈ 5.5 - 6 carats]

4.2 Ojah #1

Comments: First of two charts done by Ojah, probably in July of 1977. I come to this conclusion based on statements of Tamal Krishna Goswami and the letter from Abhiram that is included after this chart from Ojah. Though it is not signed it can be identified by comparing it with the handwriting in the second (signed) chart that he did and the fact that Ojha was the only astrologer to use the time of birth that Srila Prabhupada supplied, namely 4:00 PM. This is a basic chart of Prabhupada’s life to the time of consultation. Ojah was the only astrologer to make verifiable statements about Srila Prabhupada’s past life. On the scanned images are many check marks, beside each statement that the astrologer made. This seems to indicate that Prabhupada had his servant tick them off to indicate that they were true statements. There are also some notes written in the margin which seem to be annotations of the servant. Most of these notes are illegible on the scanned Xerox copies available. The page number indicates the page in the original document. To see the whole document as a pdf right click and download it.

Page 1 contains the birth details, chart diagram etc.

He calculates the Lagna to be 9-7-18. Meaning 9 signs completed, 7 degrees , and 18 minutes. Or, Capricorn 7° 18'

Page 2 contains the calculations for the Mahadasas. It is in two columns: first is the length of the Mahadasas, and the second is the corresponding age in years, months and days.

Page 3 contains Ojah's brief comments about what Srila Prabhupada's past was like, covering periods from birth in Mars period, and Rahu, Jupiter and Saturn periods. If you look at the scanned image you can see that there are check marks beside each past prediction indicating that they were true.

Birth - Capricorn is rising. Moon is in Taurus along 28° 6' with Mars causing trouble in throat and stomach.

Youth — till 22
—Good education
—Good father attention
—sometimes no mental peace

22-38 Brhaspati [Jupiter] follows thus period for 16 years till 38
— Great increase in spiritual activity
— Benefit from Brahmins and Sannyasis
— Ill health of the wife during that period (at some time)

38 years 5 months — Mahadasa of Saturn
— Great interest in philosophy
— Writing ability and activity increase
— Sometimes secluded

Page 4 continues the predictions from page 3 on Saturn Mahadasa, then into Buddha and Ketu Mahadasas.

At that period - rise in life due to contact with saints.

58 years (57-5-29)
Buddha Mahadasa starts
— very convincing way of talking
— It is connected with Venus
— At that time there is rise until the top of the career
— Foreign travels auspicious 65th years
— Ill health occurs. Extra sensory perception develops.

1961 — Ill health for family or himself.
1968 — Ill health - intuition develops

74 years 5 months 29 days.
Ketu Mahadasa in the 8th house is started (negative influence) for 6 [sic] years.
However it is associated with RAVI (auspicious)
During that period there will problems in the throat and in the stomach.
(Not throat, Stomach acute.) [note in margin]

Page 5 continues Ojah's comments and predictions on the Ketu Mahadasa that Srila Prabhupada was running at that time. He points that near future is "September - October" are not auspicious until February 1978. Srila Prabhupada departed in mid November.

Until 2 more years there can be some trouble due to fire and other blunt instruments.

— Trouble in throat and stomach

— In September Saturn will enter the 8th house. It may create further health troubles.

September - October 1977 do not appear very auspicious period.

This period will last until 28 February 1978 —

after that influence will diminish a little but it will be there till February 1980.

After 1980 - February — Venus comes and a better period starts if Prabhupada lives until then then there is every chance that he may live until 100.

Page 6, here Ojha gives some advice regarding remedial measures and recommending that the patient should consult qualified ayurvedic doctors and not travel.

Narayana - Kavaccha should be done 11 times.

Maha-mrtyunjaya - Japa 125,000 Japa 12,500 Fire with Gita - Amrta - Suddhavali Kind of Bael (fingers long) From tantra-Sastra.

Puruscaranava “Blue sapphire is recommended” - Rasa - Pandina[?] - Adhyaya - 10th canto - Bhagavatam.

Any travel now can be very risky with 10 or 11th August no travel is recommended - then with check up of an ayurvedic physician one may travel if there is positive improvement then if not wait until 27 days 5 hours later 4th or 5th September. then check again. Travel should only be for health recovery.

4.3 Abhirama Prabhu’s Reports

Comments: Correspondence between Abhirama Prabhu and Tamal Krishna Goswami in regards to Prabhupada’s chart. He gives important information about Prabhupada’s time of birth and indicates that Prabhupada favored a time of 4:00PM or later, not sooner. The pages are numbered 1 and 3. I did this more than 20 years ago so I do not remember why there is no page 2, it could have been missing or I did not include it because it was not germane to the discussion. I have not corrected any grammatical errors found in the original. Emphasis mine.

Page 1. This corresponds with the information found in the first unsigned chart done by Ojha.

Report of Visit to Astrologer Mr. Ojha on the 10th August 1977 (93, Daryagunj, New Delhi)

I inquired what was the fatal date.

He calculated that according to the stars at birth Srila Prabhupada would live for 81 years 5 months and 29 days. In other words on the 28th of February 1978 [He actually departed 3.5 months earlier on November 14.] — But he further stressed that this is true only for an ordinary man, that the pious activities and spiritual activities very often prolong the life.

The next 6 months would be difficult especially the first week of September when Saturn would pass over Ketu and agitate it, causing weakness, and possibly trouble from juniors. If he passes through 1978 then he should not have trouble for 4-5 years at which time his health would suffer again.

February 28, 1978 is the completion of one Ketu Mahadasa.

He recommended that the Blue Sapphire as well as Ayurvedic treatment could give relief during this period.

Abhirama Dasa.

Page 3.

I visited the astrologer and inquired about Srila Prabhupada’s horoscope if it where calculated at 4:30 or 5:00. He calculated that it would remain the same between the hours of 4 & 5:00. [To find out why Srila Prabhupada asked, see our new findings.]

I inquired about his traveling and he said it was a good idea for him to travel west of his birthplace as it would change the horoscope slightly for the better because of the difference in his earthly position. He said that going east would make it worse. He also said that in the old days when a person was sick they would change their name or place of residence.

He said the most auspicious day to begin the journey was on August 29th and morning of the 30th.

Not that he said Srila Prabhupada had to go, but he thought it was a good idea.

Abhirama Dasa

To see the whole document as a pdf right click and download it. And this is a PDF of the chart that Ojha drew up for Srila Prabhupada when Abhirama Prabhu visited and which the above readings are based on.

4.4 Arkasomayaji

Comments: Though given the correct birth data and time this astrologer mis-calculated the chart, getting an incorrect Ascendant—Sagittarius rather than Capricorn. It for this reason that he made such a gross error in calculating the longevity. Though very kind and full of nice sentiment which we can all appreciate it is also full of baseless optimism about recovery of health. Download pdf of his complete letter.

Page 1 contains introduction plus rasi and navamsa chart drawn up in North Indian style, as well as the planetary and Lagna positions.


To Sri Surabhirabhipalayantam Das Swamiji

Project Director, ISKCON, Bombay

Dear and Respected Swamiji, My greetings to you and my pranams to His Divine Grace. I am just in receipt of your letter dated 10-8-77, having gone to and just returned from my native place, Bhimavaram.

I am deeply pained to hear that His Divine Grace has been ailing. May Lord Sri Krishna come to his succor, whose worship he has done more than anyone else!

Hereunder I have cast the horoscope required of me and furnished my readings thereof. No doubt illness is indicated to some extent, but I am sure that His divine grace will be spared some more years for the Divine Service, he has been rendering for a transformation of the public at large.

Date of birth 1-9-1896 at 4 pm at Calcutta, Bengali San 1302 - Solar date 17 Bhadra

(N.B. I have given the above Bengali date as per my knowledge thereof and I hope it is not wrong. The horoscope, however and the readings will not be effected, being based upon the English date furnished. As per luni-solar reckoning it is [hand written devanagari]; probably according to Bengali convention it is bhadra Krishna Navami) It is interesting to note that His Divine Grace was born just on the next day to that of the birth of Lord Sri Krishna.

Page 2 contains the dates of the planetary periods in his chart analysis, including the predictions about Prabhupada's longevity. Emphasis mine.

[Planetary positions are given.]

Lagnam 8-29-14 verging on Makara.

[Mahadasas are given along with equivalent age.]

My findings regarding the horoscope,

1. All the planets being posited in five places in the Rasi Kundali and only in four places in the Amsa Kundali indicate that the native is an Avatarapurusha. What is more both the Lagnas (of the Rasi and of the Amsa) being Dhanus, the native has the most righteous life that any mortal could have in these days of Kali.

2. All the planets occupy flawless positions, which indicates that the native is a [hand written] and a Jivanmukta.

3. Jupiter the lord of the Lagnas aspecting the Lagnas, indicates that the native is highly powerful by dint of his spiritual stature caring for no mortal, however great.

N.B. I need not here depict the [hand written] of the native, for, it is not pertinent at this juncture. Even this yoga is the highest amongst men. coming to the point, i.e. of longevity.

(a) Ayus-karaka Sani being posited in Tula under exaltation, longevity is very good.

(b) The lord of the Ayus-stana, namely Mercury [?? very strange comment, Mercury is not lord of 8th, he must mean Moon] being himself in exaltation confirms that the longevity must be very high.

3. Saturn is the lord of the [hand written looks like tritium aye stein, i.e. 3rd house]; as well and he being in exaltation, the longevity shall be very high.

So, therefore, the present illness shall be interpreted only as a sort of exhaustion after a strenuous over-work both of body and mine - of mind because of a yearning for a fulfillment of certain plans.

4. The native is now towards the end of Ketu dasa, and this dasa which had started on 19-1-1971 and, which lasts up to 19-1-1978, is just the dasa of consummation towards Jivan-mukti. By 19-1-1978, the native shall have established a Divine order so to say among men laboring under obscure physical mentality and sub-human tendencies.

5. I see clearly and assert that the native shall be able to overcome this illness, by his strength of spirituality and shall have the opportunity of fulfilling his spiritual errand living up to 19-1-1984, i.e. the beginning of Sukra-Kuja, who are the marakas.

So, Swamiji, we have nothing to worry regarding the health of His Divine Grace, who has taken this mortal coil only for a Divine mission. Lord Krishna himself bears the responsibility of the [illegible writing] of His Divine Grace as is vouchsafed to us in the verse [illegible writing].

Yours in Lord Krishna

4.5 Ojha #2

Comments: Calculated October 5, 1977. Signed by Ojah. Detailed calculation of both Birth chart and Prasna chart with regard to longevity. His calculation was off by few weeks. Charts by Ojah are correctly calculated mathematically. However he uses extraneous planets Neptune and Uranus which are not used in Vedic Astrology and not referred to in his analysis. In this section I do not provides links to the individual pages but instead you can download the whole report as a PDF at the end.

Page 1, is a calculation of Srila Prabhupada’s natal chart based on September 1, 1896 at 4:30 PM. He comments “[Not favorable].” And, he also draws up a Prasna Kundali (chart) based on October, 4, 1977 at 11:50 AM in Delhi.

Page 2, Ojha calculates a Varsha Pravesha (Solar return) chart, the chart drawn up for the time that the transiting Surya conjoins Surya in Srila Prabhupada’s natal chart. He comments that:

Shukra as Munthesha, Varshesh, Varsha Lagnesh has no directional strength. Therefore the solar return is not good. The lord of the 6th house is conjunct Mangal not good. The following days not auspicious
27-28 September 77
24-25 October 77
20-21-22 November 77
(3-4) - 1977 December 77

Page 3, Ojha prepares a table of Mahadasas – planetary periods covering Srila Prabhupada’s life.

Page 4, Ojha comments on the astrological situation of the Natal and Prasna chart and writes:

A. Shri Prabhupadaji is at present undergoing the fag end of Ketu Mahadasa and it will last till 13th January 1978. Ketu is in the 8th house with Surya (lord of the 8th house) and Guru (lord of the 12th and 3rd houses). Mercury in Ketu Started from 16-1-1977.

Budh is Shastesha also (disease) Shani has gone to 8th house (House of Death) from 7th September 1977. Shani as lagnesh [lord of Lagna, i.e. Capricorn] in the 8th house and in transit over:

1. Jupiter [from 29th September exact]
2. Ketu [From 16th September exact]

The negative effect continues throughout October 1977, November 1977 and from 1st of December 1977 Saturn becomes almost stationary and becomes more malefic.

In January 1978 till April 1978 it again traverses the same degrees and becomes stagnant on Jupiter and Ketu in the last week of February 1978.

The native has Dirgayuhu—above 75 years of Longevity.

B. In the Prashna Lagna

4-10 Moon applies to Jupiter on the 1st day
5-10 Moon applies to Mars on the 2nd day
8/9 -10 Moon applies to Shani (negative)
11-10 Moon applies to Shukra

Moon-Jupiter-Mars in the 8th house [very bad]. The patient may not recover. Saturn with Venus in Kendra not good.

Page 5, Ojha comments on the Solar Return chart - Varsha Pravesha, Natal chart and Prasna chart, synthesizing the results.

C. In Varsha Lagna
[Various astrological jargon in Hindi.]
Hospitalization and ill health intensified in the present year.

The days not good when the Moon passes in the 22-23 Nakshatra i.e.
27-28 September 1977
24-25 October 1977
20-21-22 November 1977
3-4-1977 December 1977

D. In the Prashna Lagna
Surya will apply to Rahu on Saturday 8th October 1977. Very Bad. Prashna Lagnesh Mangal in the 8th house.

E. 1. Strength of Lagna Nil
2. 7th House (Disease) Strong and posited in the 10th house (The native will not come up astrologically)
3. 4th Lord aspecting it — The medicine will not give any relief. The native will make a fight for life as Surya-Mangal are good friends and Shani and Shukra are Shatru.
4. There is no benefics in 9,6,11,3
5. Mangal indicates effects of Shakini [Ketu] combined. (Urinary problems) Difficulty in recovery.
F. The 7th Dasha starts on 13th January 1978.

Page 6, Ojha writes:

We have noticed that the periods are all negative till March/April 1978 and main trouble was due to Shani. We have suggested that Blue Sapphire be tried and he should keep it putting [?].

Hospitalization and travels indicated. The only remedy in this case is to do. Maha Mrityunjaya Japa and Havana. Previously also now also we have recommended. Shiva is the presiding deity of Shani and with this the native will be able to over come disease and life-span increases. Astrologically it up to 81 years 4 months [approximate].

Japa and Havana [with (sanskrit term)] is essential.

May God bless the native and give him long life to carry on the good work.

Page 7, he writes:

1. [After the health and longevity of shri 1008 Prabhupadaji Maharaj]
2. [2000 Japas by 10 persons every day for 21 days] and havana
3. (Havana with and 10-12 part of Japa)
4. Mantra in the attached sheets.

Page 8, he writes:

Ketu 8th house began 74 years
7 years duration with 81 years
Ketu in House of Death
Sun’s Lord of 8th house is enemy of Lord of ascendant Saturn.
Shani is transit over Ketu & Jupiter - very bad aspect.

Right click to download Ojha's reading as a PDF. (The first page of the reading is repeated because the page was too long for the scan.)

4.6 Horoscope by an
Unknown Astrologer

A brief bare bones chart reading (PDF, right click to download) by an unknown astrologer; date and place also unknown.

4.7 Medical Observations

Medical observations (PDF, right click to download) done on Srila Prabhupada by an unknown physician; the only indication of a name is the signature RdB at the end. No date is given nor do we know the location. The beginning of the first page is difficult but not impossible to read and requires some patience.

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